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Revolutionizing Healthcare Management: Discover the Power of EDX Medical Software Solution

EDX Medical Software Solution Interface on different device screen

Introduction In the dynamic realm of healthcare management, the demand for efficient and holistic software solutions has never been more pressing. Enter EDX Medical Software Solution, a revolutionary platform meticulously designed to streamline operations, elevate patient care, and bolster the overall efficacy of healthcare facilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world […]

New EDX Feature: Revolutionizing Privacy and Efficiency with QR Codes and Barcodes


Our new QR code and barcode capability is revolutionary. By encoding patient information into an unreadable, machine-readable format, this technique adds an extra layer of privacy. This means that only authorised individuals with the appropriate equipment can access the information, maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient data.

Importance of Medical Laboratory Management Software (EDX)

EDX interface

EDX automates various tasks such as investigation reporting, billing and invoicing, cashiers reporting, payroll management, referral portals, and client portals. With EDX, medical laboratories can manage their operations with ease and efficiency, while ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

CITS launches EDX to provide a streamlined process for Medical Diagnostic Centres

EDX interface

Craft Information Technology Service, a leading software company, announced the launch of Electronic Medical Diagnostic Software (EDX), a software that helps Medical Diagnostic Centre companies virtualize their process and workflow. EDX which is an evolutionary breakthrough in the software for Medical Diagnostic Centres has its previous versions which are HIMS versions 1.0 to 3.0.

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