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EDX: A brighter future for Medical Laboratories in Nigeria

Internet of a thing

With rapid digital transformation in the healthcare industry, it is imperative that a lot of Medical Laboratory facilities virtualize their process to improve their service delivery to their customer, increase sales, provide more access to their services, staff payroll, billing, and invoicing which can be achieved easily with the new-age technologies such as cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Management Software (EDX) to tackle these complexities.

It is no less than a challenge to manage data securely and ensure a backup of every patient with conventional methods. EDX leverages the power of cloud computing to offer seamless solutions to laboratories, one of the most important benefits of EDX is unlimited data storage.

While it’s recommended for the utmost safety of data, it also facilitates highly secure access anytime, anywhere with internet-ready devices.

Electronic Medical Laboratory Management Software (EDX) is a Platform As A Service solution that offers numerous benefits for diagnostic centers and their stakeholders.

EDX provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to uncertainties in lab operations & management. it’s more crucial than ever for medical laboratories to adopt modern technologies.

However, unorganized large volumes of data, scarcity of workforce, and complexities of multi-center laboratories lead to management errors and revenue leakages. Creating different technologies that can resolve most of the bottlenecks is indeed time taking and expensive.

Our dynamic Medical Laboratory and Hospital Management Software will equip you with features to effectively manage your Hospital, Medical Diagnostic Centre, and Clinics making your whole process digitalized.

EDX lets you easily review and share lab reports with patients and doctors, on the medium of their choice. Apart from printing, reports can be delivered over email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

EDX provides comprehensive revenue reporting which lets you visualize your business performance, revenue generation, and more insight for any specific period. This data is kept private and only the account owner has access to this information.

Simplified Data Accessibility With EDX Software

EDX benefits users with hassle-free and centralized access to information. In addition, EDX allows admins and healthcare workers to access real-time information remotely with improved control over lab operations. It enables smooth collaborations with other businesses with easy access to test results and other relevant information using a secure login ID.

With Electronic Medical Laboratory Software (EDX), you can access data from multiple centers and multiple computers, anytime, anywhere. Today, with many service providers offering mobile apps too, laboratories and their stakeholders have more options to access information.

EDX interface

Advantages Of Our Secure & Reliable Software Solution

EDX is highly secure and reliable. All data that your store on the cloud platform is well-encrypted. It allows only authorized persons with a secure login ID to access this data on the platform. Moreover, the cloud platform guarantees 99.98% server uptime, ensuring absolutely no compromise on data security.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

A standalone or on-premise Software Solution requires a full-fledged IT infrastructure. A lot goes into maintaining IT rooms.

Right from buying complex hardware, setting them up, maintaining adequate temperature, pest control, ensuring room safety, etc. makes this possess tedious and expensive.

Furthermore, connecting multi-center laboratories requires individual site servers at every location.
EDX needs zero maintenance.

So you save other implementation costs with one deployment. Everything is provided under the same subscription in web-based EDX software with zero downtime and 24*7 support.

Automatic Updates

With any in-house Software Solution or a few online Solutions, the IT expert/department has to invest a significant amount of time in updating the software which restrains them from putting in time and effort in areas that can actually add value to the overall business.

On the contrary, with automatic upgrades on EDX, you can always stay updated without having to worry about incompatibility issues with any type of system. It is one of the unequivocal Software Solutions benefits.

Improved Accuracy & Reduced Manpower

Hiring IT manpower to manage your on-site server, and add logs and algorithms, requires additional monetary investment. Let alone the cost you incur for a separate room to host the servers, hardware purchases, software installation, and a lot more for maintenance.

With EDX, you only need to pay for a subscription. Once you subscribe, you only pay for the features you choose for your laboratory management. The best part is the accuracy is improved with automated and standardized processes and you need lesser manpower, reducing costs and errors.

It not only streamlines and enhances your lab operations but also improves finance management by incorporating web-based medical billing software. Since there is no hefty capital investment required, you can strategically invest the funds in areas of your laboratory that can help enrich patient engagement & B2B outreach.

Lifetime Data Backup With EDX

Electronic Medical Laboratory Software (EDX) provides a hassle-free platform to store your data and maintain it for years to come. Whether you are a small or large business, data backup is a concern for everyone, especially when it pertains to patients’ health conditions.

Data loss can happen due to uncontrollable factors like power cuts, careless handling, etc. Having a cloud-based system that ensures data backup and recovery forever can be your best bet in such cases.

It’s time we re-evaluate the traditional approach to managing a laboratory and prepare our laboratory to be future-ready.

EDX is a Software developed and managed by Craft Information Technology Services which is a young company, providing software solutions to Diagnostic centers, Pathology labs, hospital,s and Clinics, within and outside Nigeria. We have developed the software keeping in mind the needs of the diagnostic labs in the Nigeria healthcare market.

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