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Ahmed Abiodun Abdulrasaq

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Abdulrasaq Ahmed, a versatile talent with a wide range of technical expertise. As a Senior Full Stack Developer, Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designer, Abdulrasaq has proficiently designed innovative and cutting-edge solutions aligned with the goals of his clients.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Craft Information Technology Services, an IT company specializing in Custom Website Design, Web Applications, Mobile and Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Development, UI/UX Design, 3D and 2D animations and design, General Branding, and technology consultancy. Abdulrasaq has amassed a proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions aligned with the needs of his clients.

Abdulrasaq has amassed vast experience working with both public and private organizations, producing diverse solutions and contributing to the community at large. Some of his biggest projects include,, a Telemedicine and Online medical investigation reporting platform,, Medical Laboratory and Hospital administration Solution and, a live golf tournament administration software.

In short, Abdulrasaq Ahmed is a highly-qualified and seasoned professional with a background in technology, design and development. Given his demonstrated track record of producing innovative solutions aligned with his clients’ needs, Abdulrasaq is poised to continue making a major impact in technology.

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