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Quadri Lawal


QUADRI LAWAL is a dynamic person who is known for being good at a lot of different things and being able to do things on his own and well. He is currently getting a Master’s degree in IT Project Management and is committed to learning and growing in this field, which is always changing. In addition to his academic work, he has certifications as a skilled Business Analyst, a certified Scrum Master, and a certified Project Manager. These certifications not only show that he is committed to professional growth but also show that he is qualified to take on these important roles.

Lawal’s journey, though, isn’t just about getting certifications; it’s also based on a lot of real-world experience. He has learned a lot about the details of PRINCE2 and Agile Methodology by getting his hands dirty. These methods are the foundation of good project management, and he knows more than just the theory behind them. This real-world experience gives him the skills to look at problems from a wide range of angles and change his plans to meet the needs of each project. By combining theoretical knowledge with real-world experience, Lawal is able to offer a well-balanced point of view that makes sure the projects he works on are done carefully and in creative ways.

In a professional world that changes quickly, he is committed to combining academic knowledge with real-world experience to help projects succeed. His journey shows not only how to seek knowledge but also how to use it to overcome problems and take advantage of opportunities in the field of IT Project Management.

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